Who polices the unethical prosecutor? An update on Joey Watkins’ case

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From inadvertent error to reckless conduct to outright disregard for the defendant’s due process rights, prosecutorial misconduct permeates our criminal justice system to an alarming degree. The National Registry of Exonerations recently pointed to a record high number of cases involving government misconduct in 2016 (70 out of 166, or 42%), the most common of […]

A Record # of Exonerations in 2015, Including 2 GA Cases

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From Aimee Maxwell I want to interrupt my previously scheduled blog post about the Googe exoneration to discuss the report released last week by the National Registry of Exonerations.  Read the entire report here. “Exonerations in 2015” provides incredible information.  Last year there were 149 exoneration, a record number. Some very interesting observations: No-Crime Cases: A […]

Investigating a CODIS hit

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From Aimee Maxwell In my last blog entry I talked about CODIS hits. Quick reminder – CODIS hits are cases were DNA evidence from a crime scene matches someone in the DNA database (usually someone in prison). As part of the NIJ grant, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation generated a comprehensive report of all CODIS […]

What is CODIS and how can it identify innocence claims?

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From Aimee Maxwell, GIP Executive Director First, sorry I’ve been MIA. Our office renovation is almost complete plus I received the applications for our summer program (107!) last week. Takes quite a while to read all those resumes! One more thing before I get to CODIS. I want to thank everyone who responded to the AJC article by […]

GIP Client Wins Appeal

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GIP has been working on Paul Tyner since 2003.  In fact, he is case number 183.  During our investigation we realized that he had been waiting for an appeal since 1981!!  And this is not the only time we’ve discovered a person waiting decades for his appeal.  It’s always shocking. We are so pleased that […]