Holiday Cards


Cards from our clients.
Cards from our clients.

Since GIP began in 2002, we have sent our clients holiday cards.  At first we just thought it would be a nice way to let them know we were thinking of them and working on their case.  Quickly we came to realize how much the cards meant to our clients.  Every one of them mentioned the card in their next letter to us.  For some, our card is the only card they receive. 

After the holidays last year, many of our supporters donated cards which we used this year.  Again our clients were so appreciative.

Like our clients, we love getting holiday card and really love it when our clients send one.  We proudly display them on our refrigerator.  This year we’ve gotten some very sweet notes which we’ll share with you in the next few days.

While the GIP staff, Melissa and Aimee, enjoy Christmas today with our families, we are thinking of our clients surviving another not-so-festive day in prison.  Our Christmas wish – justice for all.

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