It’s Finally Time to Celebrate!


For the past 9 years, GIP has struggled to bring real criminal justice reform to Georgia. We are now one step closer.  

Georgia is the 12th state to embrace major eyewitness evidence reform.

 Late last night, on the last day of the legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed a bill requiring police officers to use “best practices” when collecting eyewitness evidence.  Because mistaken eyewitness identification is the leading cause of wrongful convictions, this critical piece of legislation will help prevent the conviction of innocent men and women throughout Georgia.

We hope that this victory encourages other states to adopt eyewitness reform.

Join Us In Marking This Occasion.

– Spread the word about our success to your friends, families, and colleagues. 

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AND Help GIP Continue To Make An Impact On Justice

Donate $12 to GIP to celebrate being the 12th state to make this commitment to justice.  

The Fight Isn’t Over.

Even in the wake of this victory, GIP is planning our next steps to ensure no innocent person is wrongfully convicted.  

– We need to make sure the bill that just passed is being used in all 159 counties in Georgia.

– We need to train lawyers in how to present eyewitness evidence.

– We need to advocate for other reforms. 

PLEASE HELP US.  A donation of just $12 to commemorate this victory will help us continue to fight wrongful convictions.  Of course, a donation of any amount is always welcome.

Thank you for supporting our work.

Without you, this victory would not have been possible.  


Aimee Maxwell