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We are the Georgia Innocence Project

We Represent the Imprisoned Innocent

Georgia Innocence Project has helped free and exonerate 14 people who collectively spent hundreds of years behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. We review hundreds of new requests for assistance each year, investigate compelling claims of innocence, and provide limited representation in dozens of active cases.

Cases of Wrongful Conviction are Shockingly Common

Studies estimate that 4% of people incarcerated in the United States are actually innocent of the crimes they were convicted for. In Georgia alone that would mean an estimated 2,000 innocent people in prison.

Our Work is Made Possible With Support From Our Community

GIP's work is enabled by sponsorships from organizations who support our mission to free Georgia's wrongfully convicted from prison. Learn more about our sponsors and how you can join them.

You can Help

Overturning a wrongful conviction is incredibly difficult. Success is not inevitable, even when clear and compelling evidence of innocence emerges post-conviction. We cannot do this work alone -- your support is critical. Together we will seek justice for the imprisoned innocent and create safeguards to prevent future errors.

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