GIP is committed to winning the freedom of the wrongfully convicted, and winning the freedom of the imprisoned innocent. We work to educate the public and advance reforms to prevent future wrongful convictions. We support our freed former clients and strive to make their stories known.

Our Team

A dedicated group of staff, volunteers, interns, and board members work to advance GIP's mission: screening applications, investigating cases, representing our clients in court, communicating with the public, and providing day-to-day administration.


GIP is committed to being a workplace of excellence.

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly value a diverse workforce and inclusive culture for all employees.


As a nonprofit GIP is exempt from federal income tax and so is required to file a tax return to be made available to the public.

See our most recent tax returns here.

Contact Us

We are available to contact regarding general inquiries via email, phone, fax, and letter.

If you are interested in applying to our program, learn more about the application process here.