We are the Georgia Innocence Project – a voice for the imprisoned innocent.

The Georgia Innocence Project is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to securing the release and exoneration of innocent men and women imprisoned in Georgia and Alabama for crimes they did not commit.

The mission of the Georgia Innocence Project is to

              FREE the imprisoned innocent through DNA testing,

              ADVANCE practices that minimize the chances of others suffering the same fate,

              EDUCATE the public that imprisoning the innocent is neither an isolated nor rare event, and

              HELP the exonerated rebuild their lives.


We are sustained through your continued generosity, view our Donors page.


Fraud alert– we have heard that there are people who fraudulently representing themselves as working for the Georgia Innocence Project, promising legal representation in exchange for money. These people do not work for the Innocence Project. The Georgia Innocence Project provides all legal representation for free. While we rely on charitable donations to support our work, we never solicit money for our services from our clients.