We are a voice for the imprisoned innocent.

Our Mission

              FREE the imprisoned innocent through DNA testing,
              ADVANCE practices that minimize the chances of others suffering the same fate,
              EDUCATE the public that imprisoning the innocent is neither an isolated nor rare event, and
              HELP the exonerated rebuild their lives.

Studies estimate that an astounding 3-5% of men and women in prison are innocent of the crimes for which they are imprisoned. Some of the most frequent factors leading to wrongful convictions include government misconduct, eyewitness misidentification, inadequate defense, incentivized informants, false confessions, and flawed forensic science.

The Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) investigates criminal convictions where modern DNA testing was not available at the time of trial. If there is a compelling claim of innocence and DNA evidence still exists, GIP litigates to test that DNA and prove actual innocence. Since its inception, GIP has received more than 7,100 requests for assistance, including 1,400 from Alabama.

Volunteer attorneys and law student interns investigate these cases and prepare them for litigation under the supervision of Executive Director Clare Gilbert. GIP supervises anywhere from 4 to 15 law student interns each semester. Over 150 students from law schools around the country have refined their investigation and litigation skills at GIP. Many have gone on to practice criminal law, either as defense attorneys or prosecutors. GIP also relies on volunteers to facilitate a range of assignments.

The Georgia Innocence Project is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


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Other Ways to Help

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Fraud alert– we have heard that there are people who fraudulently representing themselves as working for the Georgia Innocence Project, promising legal representation in exchange for money. These people do not work for the Innocence Project. The Georgia Innocence Project provides all legal representation for free. While we rely on charitable donations to support our work, we never solicit money for our services from our clients.