Act – Other Ways to Help



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Learn about innocence issues. Learn about criminal justice reform organizations and prisoner advocacy groups that you can help, both within your community and nationwide. If you want to help an innocence project but are unable to volunteer with GIP, see if there is one in your region.


Discuss innocence issues with your friends and family. Try to turn disagreements into meaningful conversations by uniting members of your community with a social justice book club or movie night. If you loved Undisclosed and you're not sure what podcast to consume next, visit our Read/Watch/Listen page.


Every state allows voters to elect legal professionals and law enforcement officials, and learning about about these candidates’ policies can help you to advance the cause of criminal justice reform at a local level.


Contact your elected officials. Tell them you care about innocence issues, and ask them what they’re doing to slow the cogs of injustice that imprison innocent people. Go here to find out how to contact your elected officials and make your voice heard.