Law Student Interns and Externs

Law interns & externs must currently be enrolled in a law school program and will work under the supervision of GIP’s Staff Attorneys. Students in this role may have the opportunity to participate in all stages of post-conviction innocence work, though typically with a focus on either the screening and investigation of cases or active representation case litigation. Some of the responsibilities for law student interns include:

  • Conducting preliminary case research
  • Pulling, reviewing, and analyzing case documents
  • Filing Open records requests
  • Summarizing trial transcripts
  • Reviewing case documents
  • Creating work product documents and drafting memos
  • Conducting legal research into cases
  • Interviewing clients and witnesses
  • Preparing for hearings
  • Appearing in the courtroom (if certified under the Student Practice Act)

Intake Interns

Intake interns will work under the supervision of our Intake Manager. Students in this position will assist our intake team in processing requests for assistance. Some typical responsibilities of intake interns include: 

  • Screening intake questionnaires
  • Processing and digitizing files
  • Conducting preliminary case research
  • Creating work product documents
  • Prepare and process correspondence with clients
  • Assist intake team in determining applicant eligibility for services


Other Interns

In addition to legal and intake internships, we also seek to create opportunities for students from diverse academic backgrounds who are interested in supporting other areas of our work. Interns in these roles might work under the supervision of our nonprofit staff and will assist our nonprofit administrative efforts or with other key GIP programs. If you are interested inane of the following areas of work, please let us know in your application:


  • Gathering and preparing content for social media
  • Drafting emails, messages, and posts
  • Collecting and analyzing performance metrics
  • Designing graphics and media

Events and Development

  • Facilitating donor communications
  • Assisting with fundraising activities
  • Drafting fundraising appeals
  • Help prepare and coordinate events

Reentry and Client Services

  • Research reentry resources throughout Georgia
  • Prepare reentry infographics
  • Identify and connect with potential community partners


Session: September-December

Required Hours: 150

Open to: Law School, Grad School, College Students

Application Deadline: August 15


Session: January - April

Required Hours: 150

Open to: Law School, Grad School, College Students

Application Deadline: October 20


Session: May - August

Required Hours: 400

Open to: Law School, Grad School, College, and High School Students

Application deadline: March 15

Application Process

Note: Internships must typically be completed within the months described for each session, although start and stop dates for individual students may vary. The hour requirements described above apply to law student interns and externs. Undergraduate and high school students have more flexibility in their schedules.


You will fill out a short application form


We'll email you additional instructions


You'll submit a resume and cover letter


We'll create a file and review your application info


If selected, we will contact you for an interview