Cases – Some Active Cases


Sonny Bharadia
Years Served: 16+
In 2001, a woman walked in on a man who was in the process of burglarizing her home in Savannah, Georgia. The man sexually assaulted the woman at knife-point, then fled with some of her belongings. Before the woman was assaulted, she noticed that the man was wearing blue and white batting gloves.
Johnny Lee Gates
Years Served: 42+
On November 30, 1976, Katharina Wright’s husband found her murdered in their apartment. Soon thereafter, a white man was seen fondling Katharina’s body in the mortuary. The man confessed to murdering the victim and appeared to know facts about the case that only the perpetrator could have known. But, at the prosecutor’s urging, a grand jury did not indict.
Dennis Perry
Years Served: 20+
In the Spring of 1985, a double murder occurred at the Rising Daughter Baptist Church in the tiny southeast town of Waverly, GA. A white man entered the church and shot the black deacon and his wife. Several women were in the adjacent room and all gave wildly different descriptions of the perpetrator.
Joey Watkins
Years Served: 18+
At 7:19 pm on January 11, 2000, Rome-Floyd County 911 dispatched an ambulance to the scene of a single vehicle accident on Hwy 27, which runs between Rome and Cedartown, GA. The driver, 21 year old Isaac Dawkins, was rushed to the hospital. X-rays would later reveal that Isaac had been shot in the head; he died shortly thereafter.
Earnest Ray White
Years Served: 25+
On July 5, 1994, a young woman was attacked as she was taking out her trash. For weeks she had been receiving harassing phone calls, and the day after the Fourth of July an assailant showed up at her home, shoved her inside and attempted to rape her. A struggle ensued and the attacker ripped off the victim’s spandex pants, but she was able to escape and reach a handgun - she fired at the intruder and he fled.
Devonia Inman
Years Served: 18+
In 2001, Devonia Inman was convicted of the September 1998 armed robbery and murder of a Taco Bell manager in Adel, Georgia. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. There was no physical evidence linking Devonia to the crime.