Meet the Summer 2023 Interns

The Georgia Innocence Project welcomes the 2023 summer interns. Coming from different parts of the United States, the group of individuals unite to bring their unique backgrounds and skill sets to tackle the injustices within our criminal legal system. Together, they are united by a common passion for addressing wrongful convictions. Here are our wonderful …

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Juneteenth 2023

This week, join us as we commemorate Juneteenth and celebrate Black Americans’ perseverance and history. What Does Juneteenth Commemorate? On January 1st, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that all enslaved individuals were now free; however, the news didn’t reach all of the states. It wasn’t until more than two years later, …

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Behind Bars Despite DNA Evidence

In this post, we will dig deeper into one of GIP’s long-time active cases and explain how a procedural error can keep someone behind bars despite evidence of innocence. For Sonny Bharadia, that evidence of innocence comes in the form of DNA from inside a pair of gloves. The DNA proves that Sonny Bharadia was …

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Joey Watkins

At 7:19 pm on January 11, 2000, Rome-Floyd County 911 dispatched an ambulance to the scene of a single vehicle accident on Hwy 27, which runs between Rome and Cedartown, GA. The driver, 21 year old Isaac Dawkins, was rushed to the hospital. X-rays would later reveal that Isaac had been shot in the head; he died shortly thereafter.