Undisclosed Season 3 – The State v. Dennis Perry

Thirty-three years ago, in Camden County, Georgia, a man attending a bible study at his church was gunned down in the entranceway. When his wife of 43 years tried to come to his aid, she was killed too. It was a horrific murder in a part of the country where there were hardly any murders at all, and certainly not any murders like this. Solving the case became local law enforcement’s highest priority.

Listen to ‘Murder Below the Gnat Line’: GIP Case Featured in Season 4 of AJC’s ‘Breakdown’

In the early morning darkness in little Adel, night manager Donna Brown locked up the Taco Bell and carried the evening’s receipts — $1,732 — out to her car. But she never made it. A person with a.44-caliber pistol shot her through the right eye, stole the money bag and took Brown’s black Monte Carlo. The killer dumped the car not far away at an old Pizza Hut. Listen now.