World DNA Day

World DNA Day

Help Solve Crimes and Free Georgia’s Imprisoned Innocent

Today is World DNA Day.  100% of any donation you make to GIP through this link will help support post-conviction DNA testing to free the wrongly convicted in Georgia.

Your gift in honor of World DNA Day has a real, tangible impact. DNA testing not only proves that an innocent person sitting in prison did NOT commit a crime, it often can identify the actual perpetrator, which in turn makes communities safer and brings closure for the original crime victim.

DNA testing recently freed GIP client Kerry Robinson in January, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years on a crime he did not commit.

DNA testing freed Pete Williams and proved that a serial rapist in the neighboring county had committed the rapes for which Pete was wrongfully imprisoned for 22 years. Hear Pete tell his story to the Georgia Bar Association here.

DNA testing not only proved that GIP client John White was wrongfully convicted for 27 years, and identified the actual perpetrator of the brutal physical and sexual assault against the elderly victim. It also revealed a textbook case of improper eyewitness identification procedures, because the actual perpetrator had coincidentally been in the jail months after the crime, when police happened to pull him from his cell and use him as a filler in the in-person line-up with John White.

Even though the actual perpetrator was by chance right there in the lineup (striped shirt) and much more closely matched her physical description, the victim unfortunately wrongly identified then-police-suspect John White (center, white shirt). The profound error wasn’t discovered until almost 30 years later thanks to DNA testing.

And – TEASER ALERT – Post-conviction DNA testing recently proved the innocence of yet another wrongfully convicted man in a GIP case that you’ll hear about soon!

Donate now for World DNA Day. Your gift will go directly toward solving crimes and freeing the wrongly convicted in Georgia!

P.s. If you’ve recently donated, THANK YOU for your gift and support. We shared this with you so you could learn about World DNA Day and how post-conviction DNA testing impacts our work.

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