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Joey Watkins continues to fight for justice. His appeal, argued by our co-counsel Ben Goldberg, was heard by the Georgia Supreme Court today. Pictured here: Joey’s legal team, family, and supporters outside the Court after this morning’s oral arguments! https://t.co/M5cJjAhho9 GaInnocence photo

DNA proves he is innocent — yet he remains behind bars. https://t.co/LIlOL4b3LZ

It is unconscionable to use a statute of limitations to continue to imprison an innocent man. Period. https://t.co/aBGNBPTxvE
GaInnocence photo
The Justice Collaborative @Justice_Collab
Today, the @ACLU, @aclu_mo, and @innocence filed an amicus brief on Lamar Johnson's case: https://t.co/rTrBjsR405

Simply put, no statute of limitations can or should be used to detain a potentially innocent man without so much as a hearing to expose the state’s wrongdoing. https://t.co/JNoSrXuJvd

Tomorrow’s event at the DeKalb Library will feature some Georgia exonerees! https://t.co/YdJOap3C0n