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If you're curious about innocence issues and exoneration, there are numerous resources you can turn to. Whether you prefer books, podcasts, documentaries, or movies and TV shows, you will find vivid, thought-provoking, and deeply meaningful stories of the imprisoned innocent in every medium, and information that will help you learn how you can find your voice and help create a more just world.


Exit to Freedom by Calvin C. Johnson, Jr and Greg Hampikian

Journey Towards Justice by Dennis Fritz

Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton

Actual Innocence by Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld and Jim Dywer (IP directors)

The Innocent Man by John Grisham

Convicting the Innocent by Brandon L. Garrett

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Surviving Justice by Dave Eggers

Bloodsworth by Tim Junkin

A Road to Freedom by Trudy C Baltazar

Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis

The Central Park Five by Sarah Burns

Manifest Injustice by Barry Siegel

False Justice: Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent by Jim Petro and Nancy Petro

A Promise of Justice by David Protess and Rob Warden

Killing Time by John Holloway and Ronald M. Gauthier

An Expendable Man by Margaret Edds






Truth and Justice

Serial -- Season 1

Life of the Law


More Perfect



PBS Frontline: “Death by Fire”

“The Child Cases”

“The Confessions”

“Burden of Innocence”

“What Jennifer Saw”

60 Minutes: “Eyewitness: How accurate is visual memory?”

Dateline NBC: “The Accused"

PBS American Experience: “Scottsboro: An American Tragedy”



Reversal of Fortune


The Hurricane

The Exonerated

In the Name of the Father




Making a Murderer

The Paradise Lost Trilogy, parts One, Two, and Three

The Thin Blue Line

An Unreal Dream 

The Central Park Five

The Trials of Darryl Hunt

After Innocence

Scenes of a Crime

After Innocence: Exoneration in America

Murder on a Sunday Morning



Trial by Fire, The New Yorker, David Grann

Home Free, The New Yorker, Jennifer Gonnerman

The Price of a Life, The New Yorker, Ariel Levy

Life After Exoneration, Slate, Laura Bazelon

Freed Prisoners Lose Their Innocence, The Wisconsin State Journal, Dee J. Hall

When Innocence is No Defense, The New York Times, Julie Seaman

Trials and Errors, Texas Monthly, Michael Hall and Jake Silverstein

Why Some States Still Fight the Exoneration of the Innocent, The Atlantic, Andrew Cohen

The Marshall Project’s collection of exoneration-related journalism

ProPublica’s collection of wrongful conviction-related journalism



The National Registry of Exonerations